August 2012 - Summer Youth Program, Contests, Walk for Peace, 1000 Lights for Peace

Summer Youth Program

Summer Youth Program

On Monday, July 16th, 2012, Mahatma Gandhi Library was given the opportunity to participate in the Summer Youth Program at India House. The lead teacher, Ms Saide, explains this program is for students ages 8-14 where their highest goals include character development as well as cultural studies including India.

MGL was represented by Atul Kothari, Deepak Bhatt, and Manish Wani. Manishbhai explained to the kids regarding the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi, Deepakbhai gave vignettes regarding his values of peace, truth and non-violence, and Atulbhai challenged the kids with a word search and applying Gandhiji's principles in today's times and atmosphere. The students took great interest in learning about Mahatma Gandhi. They also enthusiastically participated in the Poster contest in hopes of winning a prize and getting on stage at Miller Outdoor Theater for 1000 Lights for Peace on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 at Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.

It was was a wonderful opportunity for Mahatma Gandhi Library to fulfill their mission of promoting the universal values of peace, truth, non-violence and love.

Contests are here!

The 2012 topics for this years contests have been published. Registration is now open for all contests and there is an additional gift for early submissions before August 15th.

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Walk for Peace

Registration is now open online for the 2012 Walk for Peace. Log onto to register early!

Granted there is no conflict between a child and mother, but there is always a conflict between what is best for the child and what the child actually does. A mother suffers to mold her child to do what is best for the child and what the child wants to do. For example, study rather than play, etc. We salute all mothers on this Mother's day for practicing this philosophy all their lives.

1000 Lights for Peace

1000 Lights for Peace

Gandhi Study Circle

GANDHI, an Autobiography - Chapter 12, Part 2

Gandhiji is around 23 year old and is in Pretoria, South Africa in the 1890s. He has a strong desire to study the conditions of Indians there. His goal was to get to know every Indian. He arranged a meeting where he gave his very first public speech, as he recalled, and the meeting was principally attended by Meman merchants. He covered 3 main topics:

  1. Truthfulness in business- although the thought by most was truth was not possible in business, Gandhiji insisted it was not only possible but it was their duty. Pure truth and business - is this possible in today's time. A very healthy discussion took place amongst the members at the book club. To make this possible, it was proposed that we need to minimize our needs and release our ego.
  2. Sanitary habits - he drew their attention to these insanitary habits compared to the Englishmen around them. Gandhiji's thinking was how can we ask for privileges without upholding one's own responsibilities?
  3. He stressed the necessity of forgetting all distinctions such as Hindus, Musalmans, Parsis, Christians, etc.

In return, Gandhiji promised to help form an association to make representations to the authorities concerned in respect of the hardships of the Indian settlers and devote as much of his personal time and service as possible. He also offered to teach English to whomever would be interested.

In this chapter, we start seeing the leadership qualities of Gandhiji. He is goal oriented, organized, and also, for the first time we see his confidence.

Gandhi Study Circle

Please join us for our Book Club:

Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time: 12:00 pm - Vegetarian Lunch, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Venue: Arya Samaj, 14375 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX

Gandhi Library Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our Monthly Meeting:

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm
Venue: Arya Samaj, 14375 Schiller Rd., Houston, TX

Special Guest - Mr. Atul Kothari will be at the meeting!

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