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Mahatma Gandhi Library presented the spectacular 1000 Lights for Peace, a celebration of the 148th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, on Sunday, October 1st at Miller Outdoor Theater.

The spirit of Houstonians attending the program was truly visible during this auspicious celebration. The gorgeous day started with 5K Walk for Peace, coordinated by Mr. Sesh Bala. The participants walked around Hermann Park voting for peace with their feet, many proudly displaying signs depicting peace. They visited the life size statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Houston Garden Center to pay homage to the apostle of peace. The Grand Marshalls were Kristen Lee Ohanyan, of Vegan Society for PEACE, Bob Fleming of Compassionate Houston and Ramesh Shah of Ekal Vidyalaya. The walk was led by Vinod Arora dressed as Mahatma Gandhi for the first time.

The walk culminated on stage at Miller Outdoor Theater to kick off the 1000 Lights for Peace program.

The finale of the evening celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's 148th birthday as 1000 Lights For Peace at the Miller Outdoor Theatre was candle lighting by all present as pledge to practice peace in their own lives. It was initiated by Honorable Consul General of Bharat, India, Dr, Anupam Ray.

The 1000 lights for Peace program started at 6pm with an invocation by Dr. Kavita Vachaknavee of Arya Samaj of Houston with Vedic prayer. This was followed by Rev Siedo Francavilla of the St. Nichiren Temple with the chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, translated Devotion-Mystic-Law-Cause & Effect-Sound.

Neha Srivastava and Akash Gupta, the MCs, kept the evening flowing with historical perspectives on not only Mahatma Gandhi, but also social reformers including Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Desmond Tutu.

The Gandhi Darshan Exhibit portraying the chronologically lifetime of Gandhiji with actual photographs from that era was also on display as were booths for arts and crafts, balloons, and henna painting, which the children lined up for. Annesa Patel, a 10th grader, had a display of her paintings for silent auction. The Vegan Society for Peace and the Indo-American Senior citizens club were active participants throughout the day. Youth volunteer from Arya Samaj led by Sanjay Ahuja helped out from start to finish. Kudos to all the adult volunteers, too many to name, make this yet another great celebration.

The evening started with a melodious rendition of Ganesh Vandana by choir directed by Smriti Srivastava.

The finale of the evening celebrating 148th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi was candle lighting by all present as a pledge to practice peace in their own lives.

Khushi Kawedia, winner of the younger speech contest, inspired the crowd by reciting her winning speech "Love never claims, it ever gives."

Next was a fabulous performance by the adorable children from Houston's St. Catherine Montessori Catholic Choir directed by Tim and Mindy Snow. They brilliantly sang "Kumbaya."

Next was a high-energy, dynamic performance by the Folklorico International from Mexico, directed by Nelly Fraga.

The students of Anjali Center of Performing Arts, directed by Dr. Rathna Kumar, performed a classical Indian dance called Mahaganapathim.

Tony Jha then treated the crowd to his brilliant winning speech in the older category discussing Peace is the goal, non-violence is the way.

The Ismaili Dance Ensemble presented an elegant performance featuring Turkish and Syrian folk dances directed by Fareeda Chagani

The Honorable Consul General of Bharat, India Dr. Anupam Ray addressed the audience on his idea of peace and non-violence and his inspiration from the Father of modern India, Mahatma Gandhi. The Keynote Speaker for the evening Rev Michael Gott, Senior pastor of Unity Houston, spoke about how relevant the practice of Non-Violence was in today's strife ridden world and that Gandhi's message of "Be the change you want to see in the world" as his primary influence for entering public service. He said he was Christian with a Hindu soul.

Mahatma Gandhi Week 2017 contests award winners with Guest of Honor Consul General of Bharat, India Dr. Anupam Ray and Keynote speaker Rev. Michael Gott of Unity of Houston.

Honorable Consul General of Bharat, India, Dr. Anupam Ray and Rev Michael Gott presented the awards to the many winners of the city-wide contests held by Mahatma Gandhi Library. Please see the picture.

Dr. Manish Wani, member of the Board of trustees of Mahatma Gandhi Library, announced an unprecedented collaboration of MGL with Birla group in India to bring Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum to Houston. It is one the world's first digital multimedia museums preserving the historical events of Gandhiji's life. A 3-acre parcel of land has been secured for the museum in South Houston near Beltway 8 and Hwy 59.

The last international performance of the evening was a dynamic performance called Nsati by the KoumonKe'le' African Dance & Drum Ensemble, directed by Ms. Christina Gerard.

The spectacular evening concluded with the lighting of a candle by all as a symbolic pledge to observe peace in their own lives. The crowd reflected on how to emulate Mahatma Gandhi's life listening to the soothing song "Imagine" by John Lennon. Please see the picture.


To learn more about 1000 Lights for Peace, please visit gandhilibrary.org or contact Dr. Manish Wani at 713-829-6979.


Mahatma Gandhi, apostle of peace and non-violence, demonstrated to the world the effectiveness of non-violent means for bringing about profound social changes and lasting peace. Mahatma Gandhi Library was founded in 2002 with the mission to increase public awareness, especially to the children, of Gandhian philosophy and teachings, highlighting the universal values of Peace, Truth, Non-violence and Love.

In collaboration with more than 75 organizations, Mahatma Gandhi Week (MG Week) is celebrated each year around October 2nd, his birthday.

MG week is actually a one month period of activities including essay, speech, poster, and debate contests, field trips, storytelling, and other activities with the simple aim of involving youth in understanding the work of Mahatma Gandhi. The MG Week concludes with an auspicious celebration called 1000 Lights for Peace usually held on the Sunday around October 2nd.

1000 Lights for Peace starts with a 5K Walk for Peace starting at the Mahatma Gandhi statue at the beautiful Rose Garden in Hermann Park and finishes on stage at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. At the theatre, we have an international cultural program with participants representing a broad cross section of participants from Asia, Africa, Hispanics, and Main Stream America. We have also been graced by a variety of guest speakers, including Mayor Bill White, Reverend Bill Lawson, Jim McGinvale, and Judge Emmett. There is an awards ceremony for the winners of the various contests from Mahatma Gandhi Week. The finale and highlight of the evening is a candle lighting ceremony where all present have the opportunity to light a candle as their pledge for peace.

The Library has an exhaustive list of books, artifacts and an Exhibition on wheels consisting of authentic pictures depicting the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi.


A project to create a higher awareness of the inspiring life and work of Mahatma Gandhi and continue his legacy of Truth, Non-Violence, Love, Service and Peace. The contest is open to all children in the greater Houston area. The winners of these citywide contests will be recognized at celebration of Mahatma Gandhis birthday - 1000 Lights For Peace, October 3, 2010

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Walk 5K for Peace!

Sunday, October 3, 2010; Start Time - 3:45 PM

Hermann Park, Houston

Online registration has been closed for peace walk. Please visit Gandhi Statue,Rose Garden, Hermann Park. Registration Desk opens at 2:30 p.m., to check-in and pick up t-shirt.