Mahatma Gandhi, apostle of peace and non-violence, demonstrated to the world the effectiveness of non-violent means for bringing about profound social changes and lasting peace. Mahatma Gandhi Library was founded in 2002 with the mission to increase public awareness, especially to the children, of Gandhian philosophy and teachings, highlighting the universal values of Peace, Truth, Non-violence and Love.

In collaboration with more than 75 organizations, Mahatma Gandhi Week (MG Week) is celebrated each year around October 2nd, his birthday.

MG week is actually a one month period of activities including essay, speech, poster, and debate contests, field trips, storytelling, and other activities with the simple aim of involving youth in understanding the work of Mahatma Gandhi. The MG Week concludes with an auspicious celebration called 1000 Lights for Peace usually held on the Sunday around October 2nd.

1000 Lights for Peace starts with a 5K Walk for Peace starting at the Miller Outdoor Theater. At the theater, we have an international cultural program with participants representing a broad cross section of participants from Asia, Africa, Hispanics, and Main Stream America. We have also been graced by a variety of guest speakers, including Mayor Bill White, Reverend Bill Lawson, Jim McGinvale, and Judge Emmett. There is an awards ceremony for the winners of the various contests from Mahatma Gandhi Week. The finale and highlight of the evening is a candle lighting ceremony where all present have the opportunity to light a candle as their pledge for peace.

The Library has an exhaustive list of books, artifacts and an Exhibition on wheels consisting of authentic pictures depicting the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi.

Shraddhanjali 2017 Post Event Press Release

HOUSTON: Mahatma Gandhi who spread the message of truth, non-violence, and global peace, died on January 30, 1948. Mahatma Gandhi Library (MGL) in collaboration with Unity of Houston (Unity) commemorated Shraddhanjali, a memorial service, on Saturday, February 4, at Unity of Houston.

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